“Writing is a basic skill, so why would a company hire a content writer?”

Let’s face it – writing in this day and age is a soft skill, and at first sight, having to get some else to do it, does not sound right.

If you drill deep, you have the stunning images, a super-fast website, and all the fancy techy add-ons with some lukewarm text. Your customers will not get impressed with that.

Why would you hire a copywriter like me?

Your logo, website colour theme, and the product or service you offer are representations of you. The brand identity is built with a combination of these factors, including the content of the website. It does not stop there, the brand’s advertising material, social media interactions, and the way you express your business is a reflection of your brand, and ultimately you. Therefore, you need a piece of writing which compliments those brand identities.

I will help you produce and enhance your brand image in words.
Let’s have a discussion and see how you can enhance your brand identity. Email me on info@ravinatha.co.uk or call +44 7753 863 053.

Words with a punch

Turn leads into sales with convincing text

Thoroughly researched content appealing to your target audience is highly effective. Before making a start on the project, we will explore all the options for your website over a meeting either in person or online.

The content you receive will specifically be written to your industry whilst keeping the reader interested throughout. From websites to blog articles and reviews to essays, you can order for any topic area from any industry. I have a flexible style so I can adjust the tone of the writing to your preference.